First, it is important to understand that Gao Can Mun Nam Pai Chuan is a martial art and not a sport. As such we grant the System the respect that such an art deserves and expect all our students to follow certain rules of etiquette and good behaviour.


Meditation et Concentration


The instructors use strict and traditional teaching methods, keeping in mind the practical nature of learning and the importance of a friendly and relaxed environment. Even if tradition and aesthetic are very important to Gao Can Mun Nam Pai Chuan instructors, they do not ignore the practical aspects of each technique nor the specific circumstances in which it would be used.

Respect for ancestors, instructors and fellow students is paramount within the System. For example, you must acknowledge and bow towards your partner at the start of an exercise, the end of of an exercise and when you change partner during an exercise. Furthermore, students must bow when they enter or leave the training facilities, and if they are late they must make their way to the front of the class, await the acknowledgement of the instructor to bow and then bow towards their fellow students before joining in.

Mobile phones must be switched off during class and you must not speak during class unless it it to ask a question.

These few rules are essential to maintain a healthy and respectful environment in which to learn a martial art.


Tradition ancestrales